Sunday, January 9, 2011

WHOM HAVING NOT SEEN YE LOVE (a hymn for the day of sorrow and weariness)


How strange is Heavenly Love!

I never saw his face,

I never trod his courts above,

I have but known his grace,

Yet my affections cling

To his beloved side,

I feel He is my God, my King,

And I his ransomed bride.

How strong is Heavenly Love!

Stronger than ought below,

Though wide and wild my passions rove,

I will not let Him go;

What though I see Him not,

I feel the ardor burn,

He hath for me the victory wrought,

I love Him in return.

How sweet is Heavenly Love!

'Tis all in all to me,

I muse on Him in field and grove,

Or sailing o'er the sea.

I walk with Jesus here

Not lonely though alone,

Till in his presence I appear,

And know as I am known.


(From Horatius Bonar's Lyra consolationis: or, Hymns for the day of sorrow & weariness)