Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ralph Erskine's Gospel Sonnets on 1 Peter 1:8

Ralph Erskine's Gospel Sonnets on 1 Peter 1:8,

My life's a pleasure and a pain:

A real loss, a real gain;

A glorious paradise of joys,

A grievous prison of annoys.

I daily joy, and daily mourn,

Yet daily wait the tide's return;

Then sorrow deep my spirit cheers,

I'm joyful in a flood of tears.


I'm poor, yet stock'd with untold rent;

Most weak, and yet omnipotent.

On earth there's none so great and high,

Nor yet so low and mean as I;

None or so foolish, or so wise;

So often fall, so often rise.

I, seeing him I never saw,

Serve without fear, and yet with awe.


In fears I spend my vital breath,

In doubts I waste my passing years;

Yet still the life I live is faith,

The opposite of doubts and fears.

'Tween clearing faith and clouding sense,

I walk in darkness and in light.

I'm certain oft, when in suspense,

While sure by faith and not by sight.