Tuesday, March 22, 2011

John Lightfoot's Concise Exposition of Romans 1:23-32

It is observable, what Paul saith; that because the heathen had brutish conceptions concerning God, abasing him, he gave them over to brutish abasing their own bodies by bestiality,—or, indeed, by what was above bestial. And so he shows plainly, that God's giving up men to such filthiness, especially sodomy, was a direct plague for their idolatrous conceptions of God, and their idolatry. And to this purpose, it may be observed, that, when the Holy Ghost hath given the story of the world's becoming heathenish at Babel, for and by idolatry; he is not long before he brings in mention of this sin among the heathen, and fearful vengeance upon it. Apply this matter to the case of Rome, and it may be of good information.
—John Lightfoot