Monday, July 14, 2008

Michael Ovey's "Idolatry and spiritual parody: counterfeit faiths"

Read Michael Ovey's article "Idolatry and spiritual parody: counterfeit faiths" is a very well written article. Ovey explains the importance (or significance) of the analytical use of the concept of idolatry (in Christian apologetic, polemic, and evangelism). Here is the summary of the article:

This paper describes three major objections to using idolatry for analysing the modern world, and examines the concept of idolatry in their light. Reviewing biblical material indicates just how foundational a concept idolatry is, closely linked to the relation of uncreated Creator and created cosmos. The paper discusses areas where this tool applies inside and outside the Church. It concludes that idolatry parodies the true relationship of humanity and God with intense, binding, but ultimately counterfeit relationships.

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