Wednesday, August 4, 2010

J. Virgil Dunbar's Writings & Videos

J. Virgil Dunbar's book, Christ Can't Be Pictured: God is Not Like Art, is available here ( for free (made available there with permission from the author). Dunbar's book may purchased on Amazon here.

Here is a series of short video presentations I did with Virgil:

Dunbar has two co-written articles published online (that concern the matter of idolatry) and can be found at Berean Beacon: "Idolatry in the Evangelical Camp" (co-written with former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett; an audio version, read by Dunbar, can be downloaded by clicking here), "The Passion of Christ: Mel Gibson's Vivid Deception" (co-written with Bennett) and Islam’s New Tactic Impacts Christianity (co-written with Bennett).

Click here for an analysis of EXODUS 20:4-6 by Dunbar.

Here is a presentation by Dunbar entitled WHO IS THE GOD OF THE CULTS? (pdf)

Here is an outline by Dunbar entitled GOD AND THE WORLD: ONE REALITY OR TWO? On “Monism Vs. Monotheism” (pdf)

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